Decodon, pontederia and buttonbush (Photo by Caroline Tanguay/NCC)

          Decodon, pontederia and buttonbush (Photo by Caroline Tanguay/NCC)


          The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the country’s largest national land conservation organization. Since 1962, we have helped to protect 14 million hectares (35 million acres) across the country.

          Our conservation process has been fine-tuned over decades of on-the-ground work, and continues to evolve to meet our changing needs.

          The conservation process
          The Conservation Process

          How do we decide where to work?
          How do we prioritize where we work first?
          Learn more about our conservation planning process and the science behind our work.

          Warner Philip Conservation Area, British Columbia (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)
          Natural Areas Conservation Program

          Learn more about our unique public-private partnership with the Government of Canada.

          Martina Shovar dances at the celebration for Columbia Lake-Lot 48 (Photo by Cole Lord May)
          Indigenous Conservation

          We believe by working together, we can achieve great things in restoring and conserving the natural environment that we collectively value. Learn more about the places we are working in, the projects we are working on and Peoples we are working alongside.

          NCC reptile and amphibian technician, Louis Gagnon, records data during field variations of species at risk habitat models (Photo by NCC)
          Conservation Research

          Find out about our research priorities, projects, partners, funding and other resources.

          Brooks Point coastline trail (Photo by Adam Taylor)
          Resources for Land Trusts

          Land trusts and conservation organizations across Canada may be able to obtain financial support for their work in conserving ecologically sensitive land and improving best practices within their organization.

          Spring peeper (Photo by Ryan M. Bolton)
          Resource Centre

          Learn more about some of the concepts and terms behind our work, discover some of the species whose habitat we aim to protect or download some of our conservation planning documents.




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